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searchING FOR A MEANINGFUL PART-TIME CAREER? LOOK NO FURTHER. provides the answer! connects educated and accomplished professionals with meaningful, legitimate, part-time employment opportunities. The site exclusively communicates positions to educated career veterans who are not seeking traditional, full-time employment, including:

Project-based Employment

Seasonal Positions

Virtual Careers

Temporary Work

Job Share Opportunities

Short-Term Assignments

Telecommuting Positions

Part-Time Employment

Freelance Opportunities is perfect for:

  • Baby Boomers who don't want to, or can't afford to, stop working altogether
  • Gen Xers who are willing to give up a little income to spend more time with their families
  • Gen Ys, who are interested in pursuing multiple part-time positions, that reflect both career and personal interests

Besides the strictly part-time employment focus, offers additional features and benefits that distinguish it from other sites, including:

"I'm educated and have 12 years of experience in my field. I'm sick of spending hours on other job search sites that may have one good position for me out of 100!"

All job postings are reviewed by the site's staff prior to posting to ensure that they meet the high standards both employers and job seekers demand. This step guarantees that site integrity is maintained.

"I'm sick of reading job descriptions that are vague and meaningless."

Employers who wish to post job openings on are encouraged to list at least three transferable skills—skills that can be applied to a variety of tasks and/or work settings. This will enable job seekers to draw on past experiences, in both paid and non-paid positions, when applying for employment.

"I'm tired of seeing the same jobs posted on every career search site." content is original. It is not lifted from other sites.

"Aren't most employers looking for full-time staff only?"

In addition to linking job seekers and employers, the staff at acts as advocates for employment that provides greater work/life balance. Our goal is to encourage employers to "think outside the box" and be more creative with their staffing arrangements.

"So how much is this going to cost me?"

The service is FREE for the job seeker!

My Part Time Pro